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 of the most exhiliarating, calming, exciting, fun, beautiful, serene, things you can do

It can be anything you want.  Here are the steps to become a diver.

You are here to see how to become a certified diver so let's get right to it.

Step 1 - Picking The Pool Session        Step 2 - Pick Your Dive Dates        Step 3 - Pick Your Open Water Training Dates   
The first thing to do is decide when
you want to do your Pool Sessions

We have more information about the class and a list of classes at the link below.

Spaces are limited so you want to pick early.

You'll come to the store Friday evening
from 6 pm to 9 pm to learn about the equipment and how the weekend will go.
Then you go to the pool from 10 am to 6 pm Saturday and Sunday.  There you will learn all the skills needed for diving safely and having fun.
  An important step is to decide when you are going to do your Open Water Training Dives. 

We offer a number of sites to do your dives and you get to pick.

You'll do most, but not all, of the skills you learned in the pool.  Just in an open water setting.

Since you have four dives it takes two days  to do all the required dives
  To obtain your certification process you will need to complete the Knowledge Development portion of your class.

You will find more information about 
eLearning through the link below.

From that link you will go to the  PADI website  where you can sign up and pay for the eLearning course

The total price of the class is based on the pool sessions (paid to us) and the eLearning fees (paid to PADI)
Click Here To Pick Your Pool Sessions
Click Here To Pick Your Open Water Training Dives
Click Here To Go To The PADI eLearning Site.


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