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Drop Off And Pick Up Options

News KDunker COMMENTS 14 Apr, 2020


How To Drop Off Or Pick Up From Diving Enterprises

You have a lot of options for dropping off or picking up from the store.

  1.   Come on in.  We're here and ready to help.
  2.   Curbside.  Let us know when to expcet you and we will come out to you.
  3.   Front door (only during our regular hours).  Let us know when to look for your gear. 
  4.   Our lockable cage.  You can put your equipment in our lockable cage, 24/7 with notice.
    1.   We'll provide the lock, set to your combination.
    2.   It works the same for pick up.

Be sure to call before using any of the options so we are best prepared to help you.


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