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New Trivia Challeges

News KDunker COMMENTS 12 Jan, 2018

Our new version of the Trivia Challenge has started.  We've retired the Fish ID after over 2 years of you trying to decipher my hints.   It was great to come up with challenging hints and trying to make it fun for you and me.

Now it's a new trivia challenge.  I'll be posting trivia, pictures, multiple choice questions, fish ID, and whatever else comes to mind.  You get to answer the challenge and win.

Each week a new challenge will be posted to our Facebook page.  Everyone will have an opportunity to correctly answer the challenge.  The following Monday a winner will be drawn from the correct answers for thr preceeding week.  At the end of each month another drawing from all entries will be for the monthly prize.  The weekly prize is a $10.00 gift card, monthly is a $25.00 gift card.  Sometimes there will be a special prize and you can choose to take the gift card or the special prize.

Only one correct answer per week per person.  If you discover you answered incorrectly you can answer again for the same week.  You can win more than once in a month.  Entries do not carry over from one month to another.  The first day of the week determines what month applies. 

Enter every week.  For each week you enter you get one chance at that weeks' drawing and one more chance at the monthly prize.  That can mean up to five entries for the monthly drawings in some months.


Just to make sure some automated web "bot" doesn't screw things up for everyone:

  • Only entries through the link on the Facebook Challenge will be accepted.  Click the link in the Chalenge page and answer the questions.
  • You must have "liked" our Facebook page to be eligible.
  • Extra answers for the same week by the same person will be deleted.  Only one is allowed.


Good Luck and Have Fun!



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