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Air & Nitrox

We all love the high end dive computers, the latest bc, the smoothest breathing regulator, the most comfortable wet suits, and everything else about SCUBA that makes it enjoyable. None of that is going to help you if you don't have one thing....air to breathe. Air is so fundamental to a dive shop you almost take it for granted.

Diving Enterprises has a lot of time, know how, and specialized equipment involved in making sure each and every tank filled is safe, pure, and exactly what you need.

Tank Safety 
Before we even consider filling a tank, we make sure it meets all Scuba, PADI, D.O.T. and OSHA standards. This means we inspect it for required markings, metal fatigue, cracks, damage, and contaminants. Our D.O.T. certified technicians do hydrostatic testing of the tanks, visual inspections, and non_destructive eddy testing. We require that tanks have up_to_date pressure relief devices (burst disks), hydrostatic tests, and visual inspections. If the tank passes the safety evaluations and federal standards, then we will fill it with the approved gasses.
Compressed Air 
Our standard tank of compressed air is created using a sophisticated multi stage process that is not only efficient, it is environmentally responsible by reducing the amount of energy required to actually run the compressors to fill the tank. When you fill as many tanks as we do, it adds up. Additionally, you can count on your air being pure. Our air compressor uses multiple filtering mechanisms to purify the air as much as possible. Our filters are changed regularly to ensure maximum effectiveness and our air is tested quarterly for purity.
We bank up to 40% Nitrox in four 444 cuft cascade bottles. We also offer mixes up to 100% oxygen for those certified to use pure O2. We use the "Nitrox Stick" to create a fully homogenous blend of nitrogen and oxygen. This allows for efficient use of the oxygen we buy for Nitrox blending resulting in lower Nitrox costs for you.
Special Mixes 
In addition to our banked Nitrox we can do partial pressure blending for any mix up to 100% oxygen. We use a DCT electronic pressure gauge with 0.1% accuracy. Micro metering valves ensure safe, proper, and accurate fills. We can fill bottles for any decompression mix desired
Save Time, Drop Tanks Off 
We have over 7800 cuft of storage for air, over 1750 cuft of Nitrox, and over 800 cuft of oxygen. That's more storage than many coastal dive shops. We have the capability of filling up to 10 cylinders at once up to 6000 psi. Though we have the capability, we still will not fill your tanks at an unsafe rate. To ensure safety and full fills we have flow restrictors installed on our fill whips. 
You can save time by dropping off your cylinders for fills. We will fill cylinders "on the spot" but often have large numbers of cylinders to fill for fire departments, rescue squads, and commercial accounts. You can drop it off when you're in a hurry and pick it up at your leisure later.