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Rental Equipment

Need to rent something? 

Don't have your own gear and want to dive this weekend?  Going to the Cayman Islands and need a wetsuit? Just need a tank for a weekend of diving? No problem.

You name it, we have it for Men, Women and Children. Fins, Wetsuits, BCs, Regulators, Computers, Tanks, Flashlights, Underwater Cameras and Video Housings, Dive Markers and Floats, Lift Bags, Weights, etc. If you need it for diving, chances are we have it. We have a large selection of rentals for all shapes and sizes.

Retnal Packages _ Get a complete set for a special price (see price list).  Includes Regulator, BCD, Wetsuit, Weights Gear Bag, and 2 Cylinders.  Or go light for travel and save some money by getting a package without clinders.

Rentals are based on time out of store and include extra time for pickup and return.  We knwo you can't pick it up the day you are leaving or return it the day you get back so we give you some extra time

Our selection of Rental Equipment includes:

  • Bouyancy Compentators (45+)
  • Cylinders (85+)
    • Aluminum in 19 cuft, 50 cuft, 65 cuft, 80 cuft, and 100 cuft.  Air and Nitrox
    • Steel in 100 cuft, 119 cuft, double 119.  Air and Nitrox,
  • Dive Computers, all nitrox compatible (15+)
    • Wrist
    • Console
    • Air integrated console
    • Wrist hoseless air integrated
  • Drysuits (5+)
  • Regulators (35+)
    • Regulators include 1st & 2nd stage, alternate air source, console, & LPI hose.
    • Availabel with computer included
  • Wetsuits (60+ mens, 50+ womens, 15+ childrens)
  • Weights (500+ lbs.)
  • Hoods
  • Goves
  • Masks
  • Fins
  • Boots

And a lot more