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    Our Brands

    Our brands represent the best Scuba gear. Click above to see who we carry.
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    Sometimes we have equipment at a special price.  It may be overstock, closeouts, discontinued, or on […]
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    We put together packages of equipment so you can get the best value. Click above to see what we or our manufacturers […]
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    Used Equipment

    Occasionally we have used equipment for sale. Click above to see if we have anything that will meet your […]

We strive to give you the best equpment in the world.

With over 30 years in business we can choose from all the top brands. 

We look for:

  • Manufacturers that actually make their own equipment rather than rebrand from another source.
  • Strong warranties from companies that stand behind their products
  • Fair pricing for what you get.  Remember the motorcycle motto "If you have a $10.00 head buy a $10.00 helmet".  That applies to Scuba also.
  • Long life.  Buying the same thing every 2 years is not cost effective.
  • A "Known" name.  If your name is on a product that product defines your reputatuion.
  • Strong support for the dealers from the manufacturer.  We serve you, they serve us.